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Each of our sweet, handfed babies comes with a 10-year health guarantee and some companion purchases include a free copy of our book: "Bringing Up Positive Parrotlets" - a guide for the care and training of your companion parrotlet. We also provide each new owner with extensive information for acclimation and some of the bird's favorite foods and treats.

Our philosophy

We believe every baby deserves a loving and nutritious beginning. Each one is cared for and trained as if it will remain in our own home.

Our intensive training includes, but is not limited to:

  • step-up training
  • extensive socialization
  • freely gives kisses and allows kisses on their abdomen or back
  • can be scooped up (hand over body, fingers scoop under their toes)
  • allows wing clipping and petting while remaining still and calm
  • understands simple words (kiss, NO)
  • can be handled in many ways
  • accustomed to normal household activity (vacuum, dishwasher, visitors, etc.)

Some will even allow us to continue wrapping them up in baby washcloths, which we use with all babies until they are weaned. The babies were handled, petted, and preened after meals and enjoy the attention until they fell asleep. Since we only offer treats outside the cage, each one scrambles to get out of the cage when we get near --- which is where they find people, attention, good food and new toys.

Their diet consists of a very wide variety of foods, including fresh, cooked, and baked fruits and vegetables, seeds, pellets, eggs, grains, animal protein, and treats. In this manner they can adapt to any lifestyle while they continue to receive the proper nutrients.

We also believe that improvisation is key:

  • play areas vary depending on their likes (windows, near other birds, etc.);
  • some babies just want to play on people;
  • some are true followers and prefer doing whatever the others are doing;
  • some are content wherever they are (the basket or my shoulder); and
  • and some require more time and attention than anyone would think is humanly possible, but we survive each clutch.

Descriptions of the bird's personality and temperament is discussed with you: independent, cuddly, dependent, social butterfly, calm, high activity level, etc. Once a baby is chosen, descriptions are reviewed with the new owner so that they are aware of our observations. We also prefer to hold onto the babies after weaning: every sale includes behavior training and a lifetime health warranty. These services begin with the highest quality breeding stock and continue well past handfeeding. Keeping them a few extra weeks, up to a few months, only enhances their sweet little personalities. In most instances, you will find that our behavior training will allow you the opportunity to easily choose a hand-tamed bird, so this extra work gives you some breathing room. You will not take home a baby that is scared of change --- you will take home a baby that is very friendly and craves attention. It is a win-win situation for each of us. (If you purchase immediately after weaning, we have not made it through our training...it is up to you...)

References available --- East or West Coast, North or South, from Miami to New York, from San Francisco to Canada.......our list grows each year..........we are ALWAYS available to our customers.


  • Behavior training services and 10-year health guarantee fees are included.
  • We rarely ship since we feel it is important for both the baby and the new owner to become acquainted.
  • Sales tax: I will pay your Florida sales tax on cash purchases of birds only. Checks are not accepted.
  • Choosing a baby immediately following weaning may not allow us the time necessary to complete all training. Patience is sometimes necessary for a few babies.

Customer Resources

Please review in advance. Customers will be provided the following text files via private links prior to their appointment. When you are ready, please request the link.

  1. Who we are
  2. What to do before the appointment
  3. Forpus Resources
  4. Payment Guidelines
  5. Advance Ordering
  6. Travel Guidelines
  7. The Appointment (plus time & location)
  8. What is Provided
  9. What to Bring / What not to bring
  10. What to do after the Appointment
  11. Acclimation (wing clipping, feeding, etc.)
  12. Water
  13. Notes (their current schedule, myths, etc.)
  14. Banding
  15. Your Responsibilities
  16. Vital Records
  17. 10 Year Health Guarantee
  18. Terms of Sale
  19. Food List
  20. Directions
Bird Availability Updated :
May 20, 2011

Two breeding pairs remain. No companion babies available. If you are looking for hand tamed pets, contact Dave (Inverness FL): parrotletdave@centurylink.net

Available Babies
Pacific Parrotlet (normal green) 0
Pacific Blue 0
Pacific American Yellow 0
Pacific White 0
Available Birds for Breeding: Please inquire on any of the following. Multiple bird/pair discounts.


Pacific pair: green/blue & yellow
(very prolific, 3 y/o)
Pacific pair: blue/yellow + green double split (very prolific, 5 y/o)

Price listed for both pairs.

Companion Pricing  
Pacific Parrotlet (normal/green) $125-150 (male)
Pacific Blue, Yellow & Pastel Yellow $250-300 (male)
Pacific single & double splits $175-225 (dbl)

Pacific Parrotlets
Pacific babies at Christmas!

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Pacific albino and blue babies

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